How Much Is an Acre of Land in Texas in 2022?

How Much Is an Acre of Land in Texas? 🤔 Well… it depends! Doesn’t it always? Texas covers over 265,000 square miles and is second only to Alaska in land area. Texas is the second most populated state and the…

What Does Undeveloped Land Mean? And How to Find Undeveloped Land for Sale!

Simply put, undeveloped land is land that has not been developed for human use. This can mean a few different things; the land may be left in its natural state, used for agricultural purposes, or used for grazing. Also referred to as “raw land” or “unimproved land,” undeveloped land is often vacant or uninhabited and lacks buildings, infrastructure, or utilities.

How Much Is 40 acres of Land Worth in Texas? 🤔

While doing some property research last Friday, we wondered… what it would look like to compare 40 acres of land in every county in Texas? How much is 40 acres of land worth? Now, anyone who’s spent more than a…


It’s official! 🥁🥁🥁🎉 We are trademarked! Effective September 29, 2020, Remarkable Land® is a United States Patent and Trademark Office-registered trademark of Remarkable Land LLC (USPTO Registration Number 6163432). Wre trademarked our name to

Real Estate Billionaires Who Control the West 🤠🐎

🔎 🗺️ When reviewing maps, particularly in the western United States, you can often sense that there’s a story behind the map. The Map Is Not the Territory How does someone buy a ranch that large? How did it get…