Zillow vs Realtor: Zillow Dominates Traffic But Lacks 33% of Realtor.com Listings

Zillow vs Realtor: Zillow Dominates Traffic But Lacks 33% of Realtor.com Listings

Most Zillow vs Realtor.com comparisons are written from the perspective of the listing agent rather than the client or prospect.  And the truth is that many Realtors hate Zillow.  😤  But what about their clients?

Using Similarweb and Ahrefs data plus actual, page-level property listing data,  we compared Zillow.com vs Realtor.com  for traffic, backlinks, property listings, and much more.

The results are shocking! 🤯

  • Zillow ranks higher.
  • Zillow receives two times more visits per month.
  • Zillow users browse ten more listings per visit.
  • Zillow receives over 500% more pageviews per month!
  • But… Realtor.com has 33% more property listings! 

Let's dig into the data so you won't miss a listing when looking for a property!

Zillow vs Realtor

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Zillow vs Realtor: Ranking Comparison

Zillow and Realtor.com rank #1 and #2 in the real estate category in the United States and rank high domestically and internationally.  Both sites have strong brand recognition and battle for traffic and listing supremacy for house and land listings in the United States.  Realtor.com had a running start in this race though, but Zillow still managed to lap them in short order.

zillow vs realtor comparision - ranking

Zillow vs Realtor: Traffic & Engagement

Two statistics stand out in this comparison.  First, Zillow receives 121% more visits per month than Realtor.com.  And with only a 10% higher average visit duration, browsers visit 180% more pages per visit.  Second, combing those two statistics,  Zillow received over 500% more pageviews than Realtor.com.   Zillow property listings receive more pageviews than Realtor.com property listings; meaning, more people will see that your house is for sale on Zillow than on Realtor.com.  Whoa!

zillow vs realtor comparision - traffic and engagement

Zillow vs Realtor: Audience Demographics

Zillow and Realtor.com have nearly identical demographic profiles, and neither has a particularly meaningful edge for any age range or gender.  There's no significant generational difference in usage or adoption either.

zillow vs realtor comparision - audience demographics

Zillow vs Realtor: Marketing Channels

Based on marketing channels, Zillow receives more direct traffic, whereas Realtor.com receives more search traffic, which will make sense when we look at listing data later in the post.  This means that 56% of Zillow's traffic originates on Zillow; browsers are going to Zillow to start their real estate searches.  Whereas 54% of Realtor.com's traffic is from search results.

zillow vs realtor comparision - marekting channels

Zillow vs Realtor: Domain Rating, Backlinks, & Traffic

Using Ahref's Site Explorer tool, Zillow and Realtor.com both rank DR 91; a domain rating (DR) is the strength of a site's backlink profile on a 100-point logarithmic scale.   Ahrefs ranks Zillow's backlink profile as 513 globally compared to 661 for Realtor.com.  And Zillow has almost 87% more backlinks from only 9% more referring domains. 

zillow vs realtor comparision -backlinks and traffic

The result of that SEO-mumbo jumbo is organic traffic!  ✈️ 🚆 🚙

Zillow receives 61% more organic traffic than Realtor.com and 100% to 400% more paid traffic, depending on monthly ad spend.  Zillow's recent paid traffic has been as high as 8 million, whereas Realtor.com peaked at around 4 million.  Zillow spends more on pay-per-click marketing.

Zillow vs Realtor: App Rankings & Ratings

Google Play Store

Much like previous traffic statistics, Zillow's Android app outperforms and ranks higher than Realtor.com's.  Zillow's Android app has 2.4 times more daily active users than Realtor.com's. 

zillow vs realtor comparision - google play

Apple App Store

On iOS, the Zillow app has almost 7.5 million reviews with a 4.8 average rating compared to Realtor.com's 615,342 reviews with a 4.7 average rating.  Apple users prefer Zillow 10x more.

zillow vs realtor comparision - apple app store

Zillow vs Realtor: All Property Listings by State

We manually searched, reviewed, and compiled all property listings and all land listing on Zillow and Realtor.com by state.  Ranging from 3% to 56% with a 33% average, one in three listings on Realtor.com are not listed on Zillow.

With nearly identical keywords and high DR's, Realtor.com gets proportionately more search traffic because they simply have more listing pages.  Zillow has the stronger brand (i.e. direct traffic), but Realtor.com has more pages for Google crawl and index. 

zillow vs realtor comparision - all property listings

Zillow vs Realtor: Land Listings Only by State​

We buy and sell land, and the genesis of this blog post grew from identifying inconsistencies and issues between Zillow and Realtor.com, while marketing our properties.   Despite customer service challenges and mapping issues, Zillow was our primary listing site and traffic source until they became licensed and relegated FSBO listings to a secondary tab; when they made the switch, our Zillow traffic disappeared.

The various MLS's and Realtor.com are principally designed for home sales; so, we would have thought that land listing would suffer a worse fate.   But land listing did better.  Ranging from 2 to 58% with an average of 19%, only one in five Realtor.com land listings is missing on Zillow.  It's still a pretty big deal if that one is yours!

zillow vs realtor comparision land listings only

Zillow vs Realtor: Final Thoughts

zillow vs realtor comparision - land listings only

Real estate browsers, bots, and buyers prefer using Zillow significantly more than Realtor.com.  Bots and scrapers likely inflate the traffic and pageview figures to some degree for both sites, but based on app reviews alone, consumers prefer Zillow.  Other third-party websites certainly do too given the backlink profiles.

But real estate agents don't list or syndicate all of their MLS listings to Zillow; only 67% of MLS listings are discoverable on Zillow.  In some situations, this may be structural and due to protective MLS's and arcane state laws, but in others, and given the overall trend, realtors simply aren't posting their listings on their “competition's” site.  This does their listings and their clients a disservice.

Do clients realize this?  Probably not! 

Consumers don't care about the battle between the National Association of Realtors and Zillow.  They don't care about the regional MLS fiefdoms.  And to a large degree, they're tired of paying 6% commissions.  Consumers want to sell their houses ASAP for the best price, and buyers want to find their dream home or property with the best website or app.

In reality, Zillow has joined the NAR-fold of late.  They are no longer iBuying, and they are now a licensed broker.  They've relegated — effectively hiding — for-sale-by-owner listings (FSBO) to a secondary tab.   And ALL real estate websites are rife with data errors and inaccuracies.  Zestimates can be misleading and tricky, but in reality, pricing is opaque and difficult; they're trying to innovate and solve a complex problem.  Good for them!

Data Appendix: Zillow vs Realtor - All Listings by State

Manually collected on August 21, 2022, the table below includes and compares listings on Zillow and Realtor.com for all 50 US states regardless of the property type.  

* Note: Zillow figures for California, Idaho, and Texas may be off slightly due to their geographic size and how Zillow projects listing figures on the map.

Property for Sale in Alabama33,09626,1016,99521%
Property for Sale in Alaska4,2294,1161133%
Property for Sale in Arizona56,98142,53214,44925%
Property for Sale in Arkansas24,32918,2456,08425%
Property for Sale in California*134,71693,80940,90730%
Property for Sale in Colorado41,37228,94812,42430%
Property for Sale in Connecticut16,8617,9758,88653%
Property for Sale in Delaware6,1263,5152,61143%
Property for Sale in Florida213,272141,83971,43333%
Property for Sale in Georgia70,69145,81924,87235%
Property for Sale in Hawaii7,1154,5282,58736%
Property for Sale in Idaho*20,69515,3415,35426%
Property for Sale in Illinois61,37538,98722,38836%
Property for Sale in Indiana27,17819,3347,84429%
Property for Sale in Iowa18,79212,4596,33334%
Property for Sale in Kansas12,5297,2125,31742%
Property for Sale in Kentucky23,74016,1097,63132%
Property for Sale in Louisiana31,22921,16910,06032%
Property for Sale in Maine7,9436,5831,36017%
Property for Sale in Maryland24,48114,7719,71040%
Property for Sale in Massachusetts14,87211,8243,04820%
Property for Sale in Michigan51,65838,49513,16325%
Property for Sale in Minnesota32,54320,15212,39138%
Property for Sale in Mississippi17,11611,7445,37231%
Property for Sale in Missouri36,51723,94312,57434%
Property for Sale in Montana10,9617,6313,33030%
Property for Sale in Nebraska9,6605,6434,01742%
Property for Sale in Nevada21,77119,4152,35611%
Property for Sale in New Hampshire6,0003,9942,00633%
Property for Sale in New Jersey40,59923,73716,86242%
Property for Sale in New Mexico15,35311,2004,15327%
Property for Sale in New York81,70556,98424,72130%
Property for Sale in North Carolina77,99349,68528,30836%
Property for Sale in North Dakota5,4734,0921,38125%
Property for Sale in Ohio47,20726,45320,75444%
Property for Sale in Oklahoma27,27217,7959,47735%
Property for Sale in Oregon26,66417,4009,26435%
Property for Sale in Pennsylvania57,82137,12620,69536%
Property for Sale in Rhode Island4,5021,9822,52056%
Property for Sale in South Carolina41,86126,64615,21536%
Property for Sale in South Dakota5,8044,0691,73530%
Property for Sale in Tennessee49,58333,67315,91032%
Property for Sale in Texas*196,784121,03275,75238%
Property for Sale in Utah23,79616,5137,28331%
Property for Sale in Vermont3,3402,2831,05732%
Property for Sale in Virginia41,40427,27014,13434%
Property for Sale in Washington38,23727,23211,00529%
Property for Sale in West Virginia9,8397,3012,53826%
Property for Sale in Wisconsin30,62022,5428,07826%
Property for Sale in Wyoming5,4964,0101,48627%

Data Appendix: Zillow vs Realtor - Land Listings Only by State

Manually collected on August 21, 2022, the table below includes and compares listings on Zillow and Realtor.com for all 50 US states for land listing only.

* Note: Zillow figures for California, Idaho, and Texas may be off slightly due to their geographic size and how Zillow projects listing figures on the map.

Property for Sale in Alabama12,44510,8691,57614%
Property for Sale in Alaska2,2312,186452%
Property for Sale in Arizona14,92113,4221,49911%
Property for Sale in Arkansas11,7389,2242,51427%
Property for Sale in California*28,80823,4915,31723%
Property for Sale in Colorado8,8457,90294312%
Property for Sale in Connecticut2,1781,77840022%
Property for Sale in Delaware75455619836%
Property for Sale in Florida55,40743,97911,42826%
Property for Sale in Georgia19,56014,4655,09535%
Property for Sale in Hawaii1,812134047235%
Property for Sale in Idaho*6,2514,9701,28126%
Property for Sale in Illinois11,35510,4718848%
Property for Sale in Indiana6,3495,48086916%
Property for Sale in Iowa5,3284,1821,14627%
Property for Sale in Kansas2,5452,20534015%
Property for Sale in Kentucky6,7316,12760410%
Property for Sale in Louisiana12,0479,4322,61528%
Property for Sale in Maine2,9082,7012078%
Property for Sale in Maryland3,3302,61671427%
Property for Sale in Massachusetts1,9921,72826415%
Property for Sale in Michigan15,40812,8322,57620%
Property for Sale in Minnesota7,6036,4511,15218%
Property for Sale in Mississippi7,5715,5272,04437%
Property for Sale in Missouri10,1548,9561,19813%
Property for Sale in Montana4,1533,28187227%
Property for Sale in Nebraska2,5462,12841820%
Property for Sale in Nevada4,4964,1663308%
Property for Sale in New Hampshire1,5721,34822417%
Property for Sale in New Jersey3,5342,62790735%
Property for Sale in New Mexico7,3706,3121,05817%
Property for Sale in New York9,9667,1872,77939%
Property for Sale in North Carolina27,08422,0575,02723%
Property for Sale in North Dakota2,1971,82836920%
Property for Sale in Ohio8,0576,1631,89431%
Property for Sale in Oklahoma8,0486,0581,99033%
Property for Sale in Oregon5,2664,35191521%
Property for Sale in Pennsylvania10,7879,3321,45516%
Property for Sale in Rhode Island45428816658%
Property for Sale in South Carolina10,6778,0482,62933%
Property for Sale in South Dakota2,6751,90676940%
Property for Sale in Tennessee16,96614,1762,79020%
Property for Sale in Texas*44,86233,84711,01533%
Property for Sale in Utah4,9963,9811,01525%
Property for Sale in Vermont94980714218%
Property for Sale in Virginia12,1019,5312,57027%
Property for Sale in Washington7,8776,6701,20718%
Property for Sale in West Virginia3,3862,97840814%
Property for Sale in Wisconsin12,16311,0381,12510%
Property for Sale in Wyoming2,3741,84652829%