Fasken Ranch. Then… $1.50 per Acre. 🏜️☠️🏚️ NOW… $7 Billion 🛢️💰✈️

Fasken Ranch.  Then… $1.50 per Acre.  🏜️☠️🏚️ NOW… $7 Billion 🛢️💰✈️

🤯 It's always inspiring to read about contrarian or unexpected investments that later prove to be remarkably prescient or… just plain lucky! After all, is there even a difference? 🍀

Out in West Texas, it's practically impossible to be in the oil & gas business, or even just an everyday citizen, and not run across Fasken Ranch, Fasken Oil & Gas, or Fasken… whatever! You'll see the signs, trucks, wells, and leases in nearly all directions in the Permian Basin.

fasken ranch

Fasken Ranch

The Fasken Family has MASSIVE 🐳 land and mineral holdings in Texas, and the Bloomberg article below tells the story.

Bravo! 👏

Bloomberg: He Paid $1.50 an Acre for Barren Texas Land Now Worth $7 Billion: The Fasken heirs own land in the heart of the Permian Basin.

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