Refund Policy

Our goal is 100% satisfaction with all of our clients.

Real estate transactions are a big decision, which should be thoughtfully and thoroughly considered and researched prior to making the decision to buy and making a Deposit.

🙏 Please do your own due diligence! 🙏

7 Day Option Period

As a part of making your initial $999 deposit (“Deposit”), Buyer is paying Seller a non-refundable $199 Option Fee in exchange for granting Buyer the unrestricted right to terminate the transaction by giving notice of termination or requesting a refund within seven (7) days of making the Deposit. Seller acknowledges receipt of the $199 Option Fee when the Deposit is submitted and approved.

$199 Option Fee

All deposits are subject to a NON-REFUNDABLE $199 Option Fee.

30 Days After Deposit

Your Deposit is PARTIALLY refundable up to thirty (30) days after your initial payment is approved and prior to Closing.

If you are not fully satisfied for any reason prior to Closing on the sale and obtaining ownership, we will promptly issue you a partial refund of your initial Deposit minus a non-refundable $199 Option Fee.

If Closing does not occur within thirty (30) days of making your Deposit, your Deposit is fully non-refundable, unless there are title objections or curative work is required in order to complete the sale transaction as provided in the terms and conditions of the contract.

All Closings Are FINAL!

Once we have closed and conveyed a property to a Buyer, ALL SALES ARE FINAL, and funds are non-refundable, including the Deposit.


Third-Party Fees and Expenses

Actual third-party fees and expenses incurred by Seller and associated with your transaction are non-refundable. This includes all title and escrow fees, courier fees, overnight fees, notary fees, wire transfer fees, etc., including those fees that the Seller agrees to bear as a part of the sale. If we incurred or will incur such expenses as a part of refunding your Deposit, such expenses will be deducted from your refund in addition to the $199 Option Fee.

Unavailable Properties

If a property is under contract, previously sold, or otherwise unavailable, we will refund the full Deposit, including the $199 Option Fee.

Further Assurances

If you request a refund, and if it is approved, you agree to execute further assurances, documents, and instruments required to terminate the sale.

Time is of the essence!

If you cannot or will not execute such documents, to Seller's satisfaction, you will be ineligible to receive a refund and your refund will be denied.

Payment of Refund

Refunds will be paid once all documents have been received by us and, if required, filed of record in the county or parish and returned to Seller.