How Big Is 10 Acres Visually? With 24 Real-Life Examples!

How Big Is 10 Acres Visually? With 24 Real-Life Examples!

When asked — “How big is 10 acres?” — a buyer is trying to determine if 10 acres of land meets their property needs and is within their budget. Maybe they want to keep horses or have a large shop, or simply want to stretch out and have room to breathe? But they can't fully visualize 10 acres without being on an actual property. It's hard to “see” 10 acres when you live in the city.

how big is 10 acres

The Definition of an Acre

1 a archaic: a field especially of arable land or pastureland
b acres plural: LANDS, ESTATE
2: any of various units of area
specifically: a unit in the U.S. and England equal to 43,560 square feet (4047 square meters)
3: a broad expanse or great quantity
// acres of free publicity

Source: Meriam Webster

How Many Square Feet Is An Acre? How Many Yards in an Acre?

An acre is forty-three thousand five hundred sixty (43,560) square feet. A square yard is nine (9) square feet. Thus, an acre is four thousand eight hundred forty (4,840) square yards.

1 acre = 43,560 square feet

1 square yard = 9 square feet

1 acre = 4,840 square yards

Many people default to describing a property in square feet terms if the property is less than an acre.

Whereas commercial, retail, and industrial real estate investors describe nearly all properties in square feet terms because the construction costs, rent, and other economic terms will be estimated, monitored, and benchmarked on the per square foot basis.

How Many Acres in a Square Mile? How Many Acres in a Section?

A square mile is five thousand two hundred eighty feet (5280) by five thousand two hundred eighty feet (5280), or twenty-seven million eight hundred seventy-eight thousand four hundred (27,878,400) square feet, or thee million ninety-seven thousand six hundred (3,097,600) square yards, or six hundred forty (640) acres.

1 square mile = 27,878,400 square feet = 3,097,600 square yards = 640 acres

A “standard” section is a square mile, or 640 acres, but in practice, not all sections are standard.

The earth's curvature makes it impossible to superimpose a two-dimensional grid on a three-dimensional globe as the meridians converge towards the North Pole. As s result, “corrections” are made on the north and west sides of some sections, depending on the location, resulting in sections that deviate, bother larger and smaller, from the standard 640-acre section.

How Many Acres Is a Football Field?

The American football field is frequently used to visualize distances in space. It's not a precise measurement, but it's a relateable one. At 120 yards, end zone to end zone, it's easier to estimate yards visually and convert to feet as required when describing distances.

Less frequently used but equally helpful, a football field also helps visualize an area in space. An American football field is 120 yards long by 53.3 yards wide, or 360 feet by 160 feet, which is 1.32 acres.

If standing at the corner of a square 10-acre property, the property boundaries are 660 feet in each direction or 3 football fields in length.

Again, it's not precise, but it's arguably the largest two-dimensional tape measure most people have at their disposal.

The Problem with Most Visual Representations

Articles abound online comparing 10 acres of land to a host of seemingly relatable, visual examples.

Commons visual representations include:

  • 7.5 football fields
  • 90 basketball courts
  • 155 tennis courts
  • 192 median-sized homes
  • 1,361 shipping containers
  • 1,560 parking spaces
  • 13,610 sheets of plywood
  • 15,840 potatoes

Although the math technically checks out, who's ever seen 155 tennis courts crammed together? In fact, the most we could find in real life was 38 at United States Tennis Association's training complex in Nona, FL.

The reality is that these are cute mathematics rather than relatable, real-life representatives.

How Big Is 10 Acres in Real-Life?

To take these clever examples into the real world, and answer the heart of your question — “How big is 10 acres?” — we've assembled twenty-four visual examples across the United States from satellite imagery and included GPS coordinates with a Google Maps link for you to see.

10 Acres in California

10 Acres in Longbeach, CA - Shipping Containers

Port of Longbeach, CA: offloaded shipping containers (GPS: 33.7285, -118.2544)

10 Acres in Nevada

10 Acres in Las Vegas, NV - Fountains of Bellagio

Las Vegas, NV: Fountains of Bellagio at the Bellagio Resort (GPS: 36.1127, -115.1741)

10 Acres in Arizona

10 Acres of C-5 Galaxies in Tucson, AZ

Tucson, AZ: 9 USAF C-5 Galaxies at Davis-Monthan Air Force Base (GPS: 32.1499, -110.8359)

10 Acres in Kentucky

10 Acres in Kentucky - Churchill Downs

Louisville, KY: Churchill Downs, Home of the Kentucky Derby (GPS: 38.2029, -85.7701)

10 Acres in Washington, DC

10 Acres in Washington, DC - The Pentagon

Washington, DC: The Pentagon (GPS: 38.871, -77.0559)

10 Acres in Washington, DC - The White House

Washington, DC: the northern 1/2 of the White House, which covers 18 acres in total (GPS: 38.8977, -77.0366)

10 Acres in New York

10 Acres in New York - Liberty Island

New York, NY: Liberty Island and the Statue of Liberty (GPS: 40.6892, -74.0445)

10 Acres in New York - Ellis Island

New York, NY: Ellis Island (GPS: 40.6979, -74.0418)

10 Acres in the Bronx, NY

The Bronx, NY: Yankee Stadium, Home of the MLB's New York Yankees (GPS: 40.8295, -73.927)

10 Acres in New York, NY - Compared to Central Park
10 Acres in New York, NY - 2 City Blocks

New York, NY: Central Park and two city blocks (GPS: 40.7656, -73.9783)

10 Acres in Florida

10 Acres in Flordida - 38 Tennis Courts

Lake Nona, FL: 38 tennis courts at the USTA National Campus (GPS: 28.4003, -81.279)

10 Acres in Florida - 4 baseball fields

Kissimmee, FL: 4 baseball fields at the ESPN Wide World of Sports (GPS: 28.3349, -81.5598)

10 Acres in Florida - 4 football fields

Kissimmee, FL: 4 football fields at the ESPN Wide World of Sports (GPS: 28.3405, -81.5559)

10 Acres in Florida - Hollywood Studios

Orlando, FL: 1,400 vehicles at Disney's Hollywood Studios (GPS: 28.3564, -81.5558)

10 Acres in Texas

10 Acres in Texas - Water Retention Pond

Cactus, TX: a water retention pond among center pivots (GPS: 36.11, -101.8837)

10 Acres in Bastrop, TX - Luecke Ranch

Bastrop, TX: Luecke Ranch (GPS: 30.0659, -97.1442)

10 Acres in Austin, TX - Tesla Gigafactory

Austin, TX: Tesla Gigafactory (GPS: 30.2211, -97.6188)

10 Acres in Arlington, TX - AT&T Stadium

Arlington, TX: AT&T Stadium, Home of the NFL's Dallas Cowboys (GPS: 32.7479, -97.0929)

10 Acres at DFW International Airport

Grapevine, TX: International Terminal D at DFW International Airport (GPS: 32.8976, -97.0446)

10 Acres in The Colony, TX - Nebraska Furniture Mart

The Colony, TX: Nebraska Furniture Mart (GPS: 33.0711, -96.8667)

10 Acres in Frisco, TX - Toyota Stadium

Frisco, TX: 4 soccer fields at the Toyota Stadium Complex, Home to MLS's FC Dallas (GPS: 33.1621, -96.8361)

10 Acres in Frisco, TX - Hollyhock Subdivion

Frisco, TX: 50 houses in the Hollyhock Subdivision of Frisco (GPS: 33.209, -96.8701)

10 Acres in Frisco, TX - Shaddock Creek Estates

Frisco, TX: 32 houses in Shaddock Creek Estates (GPS: 33.1651, -96.8523)

10 Acres in Dallas, TX - Private Residence

Dallas, TX: 9.68-acre private residence (GPS: 32.8857, -96.8234)

Final Thoughts

10 acres can look and feel a lot different depending on the specifics of the location. 10 acres in the Amazon jungle will look and feel MUCH larger than 10 acres in the Sahara Desert.

For most folks, a 10-acre property in the country is good-sized property, more than enough space to call home.