SOLD: 32.81 Acres Vacant Lot in Beaver County, UT

16 min (12.4 miles) to Milford, UT
APN# 02-0110-0013


Cash Price

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Payment Notes:

Warranty of Title: The property will be conveyed via a general warranty deed, guaranteeing you free and clear title to the property.

We accept Cash or 3rd party financing with a pre-approval letter.

We do not offer owner financing. No payment options are available for this property.

Paying a 3% Buyer's Agent Commission!

Property Description

This beautiful 32.81-acre vacant lot is located in Beaver, Utah, just 16 minutes from Milford. The lot is situated in a quiet, rural area, yet it is still close to many amenities, including the Frisco Ghost Town & Cemetery, the Southern Utah Museum of Art, the St. George Dinosaur Discovery Park, and the cities of Minersville, Cedar City, and Brigham Young University.

The lot is flat and well-drained, making it ideal for a variety of uses, including farming, ranching, or development. The soil is rich and fertile, and the area receives an average of 15 inches of rain per year. The lot is currently zoned for agricultural use, but it could be rezoned for residential or commercial development.
If you are looking for a beautiful, affordable piece of land in a convenient location, then this vacant lot in Beaver, Utah, is the perfect opportunity for you.

Video of the Property

Visiting the Property

You are welcome to visit the property at your convenience and anytime while it's still available. However, we HIGHLY recommend checking-in with us prior to visiting the property in case the property has gone under contract or already sold.

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Property Information

Parcel Size

32.81 Acre





Nearest Cities

Milford, UT

Parcel #



00 W Laho Road, Milford, UT, 84751

Legal Description

NW1/4NW1/4 S26 T29S R11W SLM (LESS 2746-I-1) 35.00 AC

Zip Code


Annual Property Taxes


Ag Exemption




HOA per Year


Survey Available


School District

Beaver School District

Liens and Back Taxes


Source Deed

Sent for Filing.

Title Status

Free & Clear!

Outgoing Conveyance

Warranty Deed

Property Features

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1305.83ft X 1297.65ft

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Dirt Road

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38.2635, -113.0632

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5040 ft

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Tiny Homes


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Property Survey, HOA, & Additional Documents


🔌 Power: Rocky Mountain Power or Solar, wind, propane, or alternative energy source.

💧 Water: Water well, collection, hauling/delivery, or alternative.

🚽 Sewer: Septic- SouthWest Utah Public Health Dept or alternative sewer system.

☎️ Phone: cellular, VOIP (see internet below), and satellite phone through Iridium, Globalstar, or Inmarsat.

🌐 Internet: satellite internet through Starlink, HughesNet, or ViaSat.

📺 Cable: satellite cable through Dish or DirectTV.

Nearby Cities, Conveniences, and Attractions

13 min (9.7 miles) to Minersville, UT (about)
15 min (12.2 miles) to Chevron Milford, Milford, UT (about)
15 min (12.1 miles) to United States Postal Service, Milford, UT (about)
16 min (12.0 miles) to Family Dollar, Milford, UT (about)
16 min (12.4 miles) to Milford, UT (about)
29 min (26.5 miles) to Beaver, UT (about)
35 min (27.6 miles) to Frisco Ghost Town & Cemetary (about)
53 min (46.4 miles) to Parowan, UT (about)
53 min (50.3 miles) to Rangers Farm and Ranch Supply, Cedar city, UT (about)
55 min (50.8 miles) to Southern Utah Museum of Art (about)
55 min (49.7 miles) to Cedar City, UT (about)
1 hr 6 min (63.1 miles) to Spring Creek Canyon (about)
1 hr 19 min (58.3 miles) to Yankee Meadow Reservoir (about)
1 hr 21 min (85.8 miles) to The Home Depot, Richfield, UT (about)
1 hr 23 min (86.6 miles) to Walmart Supercenter, Richfield, UT (about)
1 hr 36 min (101 miles) to St. George Regional Hospital River Road, St. George, UT (about)
1 hr 34 min (99.8 miles) to St George Dinosaur Discovery Park (about)
2 hr 34 min (144 miles) to Tintic Train Tunnel (about)
2 hr 39 min (182 miles) to Provo, UT (about)
2 hr 43 min (183 miles) to Brigham Young University (about)
2 hr 40 min (157 miles) to Capitol Reef National Park (about)
3 hr 16 min (225 miles) to Salt Lake City (about)

County Contacts

Beaver County Assessor Trent Brown (435) 438-6400 (website)

Beaver County Treasurer LeeAnn M. Franklin (435) 438-6410 (website)

Beaver County Clerk Ginger McMullin (435) 438-6463 (website)

Beaver County Zoning Kyle Blackner (435) 438-6483 (website)

Beaver County Health (801) 536-4000 (website)

Beaver County CAD (website)

Beaver County GIS (website)

Closing Costs and Fees


Document Prep Fee

Buyer will pay a $299 document preparation fee, which includes all postage and county recording fees. Seller will warrant title to the property.


In-House Closing Fee

There will be no additional fees or expenses for an in-house closing. We will close in 14 days or less. This is the fastest, easiest, and cheapest way to close.


Title Company Fees*

Title Company costs are typically 2-5% of the purchase price with a minimum fee of around $1,500. Many states have legislated, standard insurance rates and other fees vary by the title company.

* If Buyer elects to close through a third-party title company, Buyer will bear all closing costs and expenses, including Seller’s title policy and Seller's escrow fees. Closing through a title company typically takes 30-45 days, depending on the county, title company, and transaction activity in the area.

Driving Directions and GPS Coordinates

🚗 Driving Directions:Head east on Laho Rd toward 1600 W 3.1 mi , Turn left onto State Rte 129/Hwy 129/S M&M Rd 8.4 mi, Turn left onto Main St

📍 Northwest Corner: 38.2653, -113.0638 (Google Map)

📍 Northeast Corner: 38.2654, -113.0613 (Google Map)

📍 Southeast Corner: 38.262, -113.0613 (Google Map)

📍 Southwest Corner: 38.2619, -113.0656 (Google Map)

📍 Center Point: 38.2635, -113.0632 (See embedded Google Map below 👇.)

Google Map

If you click the blue Directions link below, 👇 you can get Google turn-by-turn directions to the property on any device. The map coordinates for the Google Map below are for the approximate center of the property and not the entrance, gate, or primary access point for the property. Google Maps may provide driving directions that require the use of private or abandoned roads or may require you to go through gates located on private property. Do not trespass on private property! Some properties will require a 4-wheel drive vehicle or may be inaccessible in certain weather conditions. Please don't get stuck or lost.

Additional Notes

As-Is and As-Available: This property is being sold property “as-is” and “as-available.” No representations as to fitness for a particular purpose have been made. No verbal claims or promises have been made. Please see our Terms of Service for more information.

Contract: After making your initial deposit, we will email you the purchase and sale agreement, which includes a warranty deed. Agreements are prepared manually and will be sent out Monday through Friday between 9 AM and 5 PM CST. Thank you for your patience.

No Monthly Payments: We are not offering seller financing on this property. This is an all-cash transaction. We are not offering a payment plan. If you would like to finance your purchase of the property, please contact a third-party lender prior to making your deposit. We will not sign a purchase and sale agreement that is contingent upon third-party financing without a pre-approval letter.

3% Buyer's Agent Commission: You are not required to have an agent or broker assist you with purchasing this property. However, if the Buyer does use an agent, and the Seller is made aware of this prior to an agreement on price or signed contract, the Seller will pay a 3% commission to the Buyer's licensed agent or broker.

Maps and GPS Coordinates: Maps and GPS coordinates are believed to be accurate, but accuracy is not guaranteed. The information contained in the maps should not be considered a “legal description,” and the maps and GPS coordinates are not a replacement for a survey. We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that parcel lines, maps, and coordinates are in fact accurate, but third-party geographical information system (GIS) providers, including information from the county, often contain errors and inaccuracies.