How to Visit a Property

You are welcome to visit the property anytime and at your convenience and while it’s still available. However, we HIGHLY recommend checking-in with us just prior to visiting the property in case the property has recently gone under contract (or sold).

🛑 We do notHOLD” a property without a $999 deposit AND a signed contract, and all deposits are subject to a non-refundable $199 Option Fee per our Refund Policy. 🛑

3 Ways to Visit a Property

All of our property listings include at least 3 ways to locate and navigate to the property, including turn-by-turn directions:

  1. MapRight Interactive Map
  2. GPS Coordinates
  3. Google Map

MapRight Interactive Map

mapright demo

All of our maps feature an interactive map generated with MapRight under the “Visiting the Property” heading. MapRight has free apps for Apple and Android that can be used to track your location and route throughout a property and provide driving directions.

📱 MapRight for Apple –> Download App.

📱 MapRight for Android –> Download App.

Our MapRight maps include the property border and often include other points of interest, such as streams, structures, gates, utilities, and roads.

GPS Coordinates

All properties include global positioning system (GPS) latitude and longitude coordinates under the “Coordinates” label in the “Property Headings” section. The GPS coordinates are typically for the approximate center of the the tract or the primary entrance to the tract.

GPS coordinates can be posted into most mapping and routing apps, as well as a basic Google search, to generate a map and turn-by-turn directions.

GPS demo 2

Google Map

Near the bottom of each listing, you'll find a “Google Map” heading that includes an imbedded, interactive Google map based on the GPS coordinates from above.

google map demo

With the imbedded map, you can switch between “streets” and “aerial” image overlays, and you can view a full screen map by clicking the “View larger map” link or can get directions with the “Directions” link.

USPS Address

When available, we will provide the USPS address for a property in the “Property Information” section under the “Address” section.

usps demo address

🛑 HOWEVER… Most of our listing do not have an mailing address that's designated or currently eligible for USPS delivery.


In many rural areas, the USPS delivers to a central post office with PO Boxes rather than individual, rural route delivery addresses. If the “Address” in the “Property Information” section is an intersection or zeros (e.g. 000), then the property does not have an mailing address to best of our knowledge.

To learn more about mail delivery options, please visit the USPS's General Guidelines and Policies for Rural Delivery.

The Accuracy of Maps

There is no such thing as a perfectly, accurate map.

The maps contained on this website are believed to be accurate, but accuracy and precision is not guaranteed, and unless we have specific, better, and verifiable information, we have not modified maps beyond what is provided by the county or other independent, third party mapping applications.

🛑 The information contained in the maps should NOT be considered a “legal description,” and the maps are NOT a replacement for a survey.

Unless noted in the property listing we do not have a survey for the property.

We have taken reasonable steps to ensure that parcel lines and maps are in fact accurate, but third party geographical information system (GIS) providers, including information from the local county, often contain errors and inaccuracies.